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About Jinchuan

Message from the Chairman

Sincere thanks to everyone who cares about Jinchuan Environmental Protection, because of your understanding and trust, care and support, Jinchuan Environmental Protection has developed steadily. Jinchuan Environmental Protection will not hesitate to carry forward the burden, insist on innovation and progress in the field of sterilization and disinfection, and rejuvenate the country with industry to achieve the glory of the new era.

We have established a corporate spirit of "people-oriented, pragmatic and innovative", adopted world-standard technical equipment, and borrowed advanced management experience. We have gradually ranked among the forefront of China's sterilization and disinfection industry in terms of technology, scale and management, and have become China's environmental protection cause And work hard, starting from the beginning, starting from ourselves to improve our products and services, and build a people-oriented harmonious enterprise and society.

We always adhere to the corporate values of human development for the purpose of pursuing a long-term mutual trust relationship with customers, and always strive to attract, care, cultivate and motivate people as the company's management culture; with three cultures and four directions As a company's code of conduct, for the cause of environmental protection in China, my colleagues and I will work hard and be determined!

We are willing to join hands with all our friends, forge ahead in unity, and create the future together!